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Chilly & Pepper

On the afternoon of September 20, Chilly & Pepper’s tacking sutures were removed. It only took about two to three minutes each. Now their eyes look big and open – let’s hope they remain like that. The check-up on Friday, September 23, went beautifully: eyes ok, ears free of mites and fungus, and hence ok, plus they weighed in as follows: Pepper – 8.2 kg and Chilly – 7.3 kg.

Believe it or not, Chilly seems to have turned quasi into an autodidact practitioner of East Asian martial arts. Pepper, who is 10 days older, proportionately stronger, and to boot also a male, is very rough with the smaller lady. Only when Pepper bites some part of her body so hard that it really hurts, does Chilly scream bloody murder, and then too only at the last minute. Wretched Pepper then lets loose, thinking, “Ah, I got you this time,” to which Chilly responds, “That’s what you think, Mr. Pepper.” Chilly, who is not lazy but smart and belligerent, takes off, turns along the longitudinal axis in the air to switch the positions of her bum and wrinkly face, and in the process rams Pepper with her bum to knock him over. Quick as lightning, she jumps on Pepper, forces him to the ground on his back, and bites hard – and then Pepper is the one that begins to whine. The little one finally releases Pepper and takes to her heels, running around the couch at a remarkable pace.

Last Saturday was Pepper’s turn to generate excitement. Having checked out pretty much the entire lot, the two rascals now do go alone on a discovery run, especially since there are things like lizards to admire, chickens to bark at, and canaries and parakeets to startle. We also have the two ponds mentioned earlier, with goldfish and many grass frogs romping around.

Well, as it happened, my wife had just let the two wrinkly faces out over the patio and wanted to go for a long round with them. After the two had relieved themselves, they returned to the sitting spot and played with an empty plastic bottle. My wife went into the house, but became very uneasy, for some unknown reason. She and our housekeeper Nieves ran to the patio. No dogs in sight! She called out Chilly and Pepper loudly, but nothing! Under some sort of a premonition, she went to the lower pond, and what did she see – obviously Pepper, the son of Uwe’s Wasserhund!

No one really knows if he had slipped or jumped in, or fallen in while hunting for fish. He just couldn’t pull himself out. Like lightning and unlike an old lady, Anita dropped on her knees at the edge of the pond, grabbed Pepper’s collar, and hauled him out before he drowned. There was really some excitement afoot, and not just that from the croaking frogs and jumping fish. Phew!

That’s what life is like here – something is always up from morning till late at night. One can’t let the two rascals out of sight though, considering how mischievous they are.

Yesterday was vaccination day. Pablo organized it in three stages, and so we have to return next Monday. I’m sorry, I have to go now – the devils are in the garden, and just this afternoon I planted leeks in fertilized soil. I’m sure they will want to dig up the composted goat manure, but hope my leeks are still intact!

Another episode is in the making…
Yours Hanspeter