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Is it conscious to you that each year, as well approx. 3.000.000 (3 million) DOGS in South Korea as approx. 5.000.000 (5 million) DOGS in China are brutally slaughtered and eaten?

We would not have meant that...

Despite the indignation at all of us and the chocking meatball within our throat, alone by thinking that in Eastern Asia our most faithful friend is tormented as well as bestiallyslaughtered and afterwards offered e.g. in restaurants as potency means and delicacy and is eaten from approx..65% of the population in South Korea as well as in China, must basically put on us however the questions:

  • "Where is actually the difference whether a cow, a pig, a chicken, a hare, a horse or a dog is slaughtered?"

  • "What thereon is morally justifiable and what is immoral?"

Under the prerequisite that one considers the animal ethics and keeps animal rights respecting, there is food-accordant nothing to besaid against the consumption of dogs. With it a part of the necessary protein requirement is covered.

For many humans in the East Asian World, e.g. in Korea, China, Malaysia the meat of the bred "slaughter-animal" dog means food,also the stolen "domestic-animal" dog.

We, all animal protectors and animal friends, should however protest , yes fight against the "SPECIESWORTHY KEEPING" and the "BRUTAL SLAUGHTERING METHODS" in Eastern Asia.There are practised by agonies with strong pain an extra large suffering pressure potentially increased fear of death on the dogs.