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„Welcome to China“:

Since the beginning of the nineties St. Bernards-Dogs were imported from Switzerland to China.
The Chinese have built-up an animal-slaughter-breeding under national subsidy with these dogs and the cross-breed with other dog races. Farmore than 50 industrial St.Bernhards meatdog-breedings have developed.Alone the production of the thoroughbred St. Bernards-Dogs has risen to approx.. 10,000 dogs per year in China. The number of St. Bernardhalf-breeds lies much higher and goes into millions. Already in 1999 more 300 small "farms" with Breed-St. Bernards were planned to fulfill the requirement. St. Bernards are bear-joyful and bring to life up to twelve puppies twice the year.
"To breed St. Bernards and half-breeds is, economically seen, four times as profitable as the breed of pigs and three times as profitabelas that of chickens", announces the Chinese television.Therefore the local authorities and public media promote the breed under the slogan:

"Breed St. Bernard half-breeds as meat-dogs. - That is the fastest way to prosperity"!

Already in 1999 the Chinese newspaper, "Peking Youth Daily" confirmed that the Peking company "Hong-Ding Breeding & Development Co."maintains a dog breed in KangXi (north China) with approx. 100,000 dogs.

A team of the german television RTL made a locall report,- a partial "Underground Report", which not only showed the dog meatrestaurants and the dog meat supply on the weekly markets, but also a large breed station withSt. Bernards in close wire-cages. This authentic filmmaterial was also transmitted by RTL.

Provably also in China the bred fattened-dogs(approx. five million per year) are held in miserable, much to small cages.

"There cannot be told any word of a type-fair-holding also in China"!

Also in China the fattened-dogs are not led to the slaughter house in an animal-fair way These creatures are tormented on the most cruel manner. They are dipped - similarly as in Korea - hanging head-down into boiling water, abused afterwards with electrical shocks and flogged slowly todeath with long cudgels. The dogs are not yet dead normally, when the skin is burned with a soldering lamp or a welding torch. Also here in China exists theerroneous faith that the stress hormones, also a maximum of adrenalin, would allegedly make the meat tastier and cause a sexual stimulation.

"About an animal-fair slaughtering can also not be spoken in China"!

China arranges the "Olympic Games" in the year 2008 and will have sportsman and visitorsfrom the whole world as guest to this event.Thus it will slowly be time that we - dog- and cat-friends and all animal-protectors - begin to protest against the cruel breed- and slaughtering-methods of the Chinese in the form of protest writings and petitions.

Not only in South Korea and China, but also in other East Asian countries, e.g. Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines,Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, dogs are bred, tormented, bestially slaughtered andeaten as delicacy and potential media in a similar way.