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Many holiday-makers and residents take their dog, e. g. a Shar-Pei", with to Spain or buy a dog there , or adopt e. g. a dog from a pet-home.

These dog-owners should know, that the very spread and insidious dog-disease
"Leishmaniosis" appears particularly in the coastzones of Spain. There should be infectedat at least 20% of the dogs living in Spain as statistics say.

It is obvious, that just in the coast - and humid- regions of the mainland and the group of Balearic Islands, this disease is still essentially more highly spread.

A small mosquito, which is "Plebothomus - mosquito" is the exclusive
carrier of the parasites, wich trigger this disease. This small mosquito prefers to live in humid areas.

Did paw sick get
Them "Plebothomus - mosquito" appears increasingly in the spring and in the fall and is during this time most active in the dawn and in the dusk.
It prefers the blood of the dogs. After it has picked-up food from a dog infected by "Leishmaniosis" it has also picked-up the Parasites wich remain active in the body of the mosquito namely at the proboscis.
Through the bite of a further food intake (blood) from healthy dogs, the parasite is injected by the mosquito into the body of one or several dogs. With this act the insidious disease has been transferred onto healthy dogs.
In most cases the disease is discovered much too late. The creeping death of the dog is pre-programmed.

Unfortunately there is still no vaccination-precaution against "Leishmaniosis" until today !

Hair loss at the paws and at the ulna as well as around the eyes and ears and small wounds at the ears are demonstrating features on an illness of your friend with this disease.

Locate immediately a veterinarian, whom you explain your suspicion on "Leishmaniosis".

One can give the following recommendations to dog-owners who spend their vacations with their dogs or who live constantly in the humid- and coast-region of Spain.


1. In the morning - as well as in the dusk one should not give the dog free run outside but keep him inside the house!

2. Spray the dog with a compatible insect-spray . Here the recommendations of a veterinarian in reference to the compatibility of the medium are to be followed !

3. At the choice of the vacation area one should prefer higher situated areas to beach -, and humid- areas.

4. One should avoid taking out the dog for a walk in the evening.

5. One should cause a veterinarian to make a blood-image of the dog immediately after completion of the vacation.

Resident people should accomplish this test by a veterinarian in June and November each year.

Despite all this or just for that reason I wish a beautiful, unencumbered vacation-period and no infection of your dog with "LEISHMANIOSIS" to all visitors of Spain.

Ibiza, in the year 2002
Hanspeter Kobold