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„Welcome to Europa“:

The consumption of "Dogs" was and still is horrible, immoral and infuriating for all dog-lovers as well as animal-friends. Dog meat asdelicacy is nowadays almost inconceivable in the western world and our culture area.I say "almost", because dogs were officially slaughtered and eaten also in Germany! Verified is for Chemnitz - in former times Karl-Marx-City - that in restaurants dog meals could be found on the menues. The "German-Federal-Veterinary-Surgeon-Chamber" as well as the "Bavarian-National-Veterinary-Surgeon-Chamber" reported:
"In the Saxonia City (Chemnitz) dog meat was extremely loved: Each citizen should have eaten there 380 gram dog meat in the average of the year.In addition, in many kitchens of Bavaria dog meat braised in the pan. There, however, the meat was not offered in restaurants. Altogether theveterinary doctors had to examine approx. a quarter million of slaughtered dogs between 1900 and 1985 - according to specifications of the "Bavarian-National-Veterinary-Surgeon-Chamber". Alone in the year 1923 18,000 dogs were killed in Germany"

That we would not have thought...

In our western culture area, if at all it may be defined this way, the dog is the best friend of the humans. The average European willsurely no more slaughter nor eat any dog today. That would almost seem like cannibalism for us dog friends!

The last dog slaughtering took place in Germany just 17 years ago in Augsburg. But slaughtering of dogs and cats was not forbidden by lawin Germany before 1986.Also in the European Union killing, cooking and eating of dogs is furthermore forbidden by law!

Stop and watch out:

"Not everywhere in Europe it is regulated by law this way, because in Switzerland, in the Appenzell region, the consumption of dog meat is still usual.Slaughtering and eating of dogs is allowed for own requirement. In Switzerland only saling of the meat is not permitted. The privateconsumption is however tolerated.

They should put to themselves the question:
"What can I contribute as a dog-friend for the animal protection"?


To this topic - DOG MEAT - one can have most different opinion, report still more, argue and get the holy anger. One should howeveralways respect the animal rights on the base of ethical criteria and pay attention in acting.