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Eivissa / Ibiza, Dream or Reality
Longings, romanticism, love, illusions and desillusionment , fantasy, creativity, art and variety of life, freedom, flower power, hermits, eccentrics, healers and quacks, independence , vastness of horizon, sea, light and southern sky, white beaches , sun, and sun again, quiet, siesta, calmness, "to-find-oneself" , esoterics and energy, Ibicencos, tradition and history, trade , agrriculture and fishing, flowering almond trees and meadows , green pine forests, fragrant herbs, cosmopolitan "lving space" , respect, tolerance and acceptance, colourful circus, drugs , excessive carry-ons, snapshots, small-talk, long-legged girls , voyeurs, extravagance, long nights and simply celebrating, dikes , gays, heteros, transvestites, bisexuals and transsexuals , tourists, hooligans, hotels, brothels, overcrowded beaches , lonely bays, rural idyl, country inn, bright world, yuppies , crooks, thieving tourists, guest workers, discos, jetset , stars , actors, sportsmen, pretenders, nobility, elegance and so-called "normals" . To see and to be seen.

All that is Ibiza !

Ibiza is th third biggest Balearic Island situated in the Levante. Together with the small islands like "Es Vedra", "Tagomago", "s' Espardell " , "s ' Espalmador " and "Formentera" they are called the Pitiusas. These "Illes Pitiü ses" distinguish themselves in summer by a dry and sunny climate with little precipitations and an average temperature of 28 degrees centigrade, and in winter by a very high average humidity of 75 % and a minimum temperature of 6 degrees centigrade .
Poppy field in ibiza, what a play of colors
Ibiza city, already founded in 654 BC by the phoenicians, has been named world cultural heritage by the UNESCO a great acknowledgement, and an even greater obligation.

This WEB-site has undertaken the task to show the island of Ibiza with words and pictures as we love it, and as the average tourist doesn't know it.

by Hanspeter Kobold