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Podenco -Ibicenco,
A Dog with an Egyptian Past?

The Nature:

The Podenco Ibicenco is a sturdy and resistant course - and hunting - dog, which matches a greyhound most closely in comparison with other races. Here, on the Balearic Islands he is used, corresponding to the tradition to hunt in a pack low-game (rabbit and partridges). On the mainland the Podencos are also used to the hunt on hares. A pack is composed of 10 to 20 bitches. Exceptionally one finds also already once a rude, but also only one in the pack. The rudes have a shoulder height of approx. 60 to 70 cm; at the bitch it is between 58 and 65 cm. The accompanying hunters don`t carry firearms and are only and alone dependent on the skill of the hunting bitches.The hunt happens usually in the very densely with brush-wood covered hills of the island.The dogs have an exceedingly fine sense of smellig and a good ear. They only bark, when they see the prey.

As soon as a member of the pack indicates a rabbit, the whole pack orients itself on this prey, which they very quickly hunt and capture. With a short handle they catch the rabbit and deliver it shortly after that at their master.The bitches are not quarrelsome and work together as team. "Floh" had something magic in herself. Not always one could know, what was on her mind. In the early whelpage she had sky-blue eyes, the colour of which changed from about the 6. month into a light amber. She was called "Floh" by us, because she was full of fleas and ticks when she came into our house. She didnīt become educated to a hunting-dog and was integrated in our family jointly with my other dogs, Boxers and Shar Peis. She was a faithful and vigilant companion, who required many grants, but also gave back many affections. With her hunting passion she never gave up and searched our property for rabbits and hedgehogs extremely precise whenever she had a chance. She had a distinctive intelligence, was suspicious against everything strange and very watchful. Clever she was and tricky, when there was a bite to be pick-up quickly. She pinched like a daythief dry bread or, as it occurred a couple of times, with drawn back lips a whole chop from a hot boiling are pan.

In the appearance of her motions she was like an elegant gazelle. She had very long, dry legs, was slim like a switch and had to follow her very great moving-urge daily. She put upright her large ears at extreme attention and internal excitement. When everything was o. k. and nothing excited her, then the ears were simply folded back.

Ibiza, 2002
Hanspeter Kobold