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Chilly & Pepper

Today is already September 19, 2005, the day after elections. The last episode of September 7 was on the tacking. Time really flies, especially since we have our two loved ones, Chilly & Pepper.

We were at Pablo Garcia Vanrell’s Clinica Veterinaria in Ibiza twice for post-operative check-ups of their eyes, on the 12th and 16th of this month. The eyelid lifting looked good for both the cachorros, except that the two pups had managed to pull out the sutures of a tack each while engaging in their favorite pastime – roughing around. The eye ointment was still being administered every eight hours, and Pablo planned to remove the remaining sutures on September 20. Last week, we also put the two on a scale and Chilly, alias Moulin Rouge, weighed in at 6.2 kg, while Pepper was a solid 7.7 kg.

Nothing is safe anymore from these two. They have checked out everything on the lot. The adventure starts at seven each morning. After their morning greeting, they head for the garden and do their business preferably on the paths or in areas where Livingstone daisies are to be found. After that they run quickly to an artificial stream connecting two small ponds.

Pepper has no fear of water, a great trait he inherited from his father, Ch. Rebohms Cream Cracker. Pepper enjoys standing knee-deep in the stream bed, wallowing in the soil, as if he were having a great time at this water sport. Chilly seems to have declared streams, ponds, puddles, and garden hoses as things to be avoided. She likes water only in its drinkable form. From the stream, the pets head to the chicken coop and watch, frightening the chicks off and on with mock attacks. Next on the list are the freshly cut flowers or vegetable beds. This loose soil is superb for them as they have the time of their life sprinting, borrowing, scuffling, and plopping themselves on the ground.

The long-awaited rain since April of this year finally arrived. From last Saturday through to Sunday afternoon, it rained cats and dogs – about 4½ cm in 12 hours. The whole night was filled with spectacular lightning and thunder, but the two puppies didn’t seem to be the least bothered. During the day too, Pepper seemed to have no trouble with such lousy weather, which most dogs hate. In fact, he loves to lie down and play in puddles.

Chilly is quiet different. She pokes her head out of the door, swings around like lightning and runs to her basket. What she is trying to say is, “What on earth for should I get wet? I’m not the least bit interested in learning to swim. Swimming doesn’t make one slim. Blue whales are not slim, are they?” One has to agree that she does have a point! For doing her business though, she has to be caught, picked up, and taken outside. Once finished, she gallops back into the house, shakes her body free of water drops that fly all over, and sulkily lies down on her pad. What else can one expect – because her parents Sindbad - Red Bonomiella and Ch. Chaitan’s Top of the Top aren’t any kind of Wasserhund either!

On the other hand, her father Sindbad must have been an electrician and seems to have passed on this trait. Last Saturday, the power suddenly went off around 2 p.m. Chilly simultaneously jumped around in circles and yelped with her delicate voice like a devil gone mad. What happened? Well, she had chewed clean through the cable of a floor lamp in the dining room. It looked like one had used a wire cutter! She must have gotten a pretty decent electrical shock, even though I had installed a proper fault interrupter circuit. The cut was at a point after the dimmer switch, which was at a low setting. Anyway, I’m glad that it wasn’t serious.

This probably runs in the family, because the day before Tomhank’s Milli completely gnawed through the loudspeaker cable from a computer. Chilly now seems to avoid anything that even remotely resembles a cable. We naturally got rid of all such dangerous things lying on the floor.

We also have some good news:
Both puppies are house trained, and always go outside.
They are eating well, and growing and looking ever better.
They sleep from midnight through to 7 a.m.
They have grown into great companions, and have made friends with Chow Lee, and accepted her as their chief.

Unfortunately, our Chico will still have nothing to do with the cachorros. He spends his days outside, coming in only in the evenings. Then he seems to just hang on to me. I am getting concerned about this behavior of our loner.

Well friends, enough for today.

Until next time!

To be continued! ....................;D

Yours Hanspeter