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Chilly & Pepper

Today is one of those disastrous days, and at least the morning is ruined. It is September 7, 2005 and Chilly & Pepper have their eyes closed. They are due for tacking at Pablo’s around 4 p.m. In searching for Chico, I stepped right into a pile of dog poop. Hopefully, it’s true when farmers say that stepping into it brings luck, then maybe there’s still some hope.

Chico still avoids any confrontation with and/or the company of Chilly & Pepper. Chow Lee had already accepted the two rascals and starts to play with them. It looks like a circus show whenever the little Chilly crouches, ready to spring at Chow Lee, and then jumps at her – but it’s all for fun! If Chow Lee has had enough, all she utters is an unobtrusive growl, and there is peace.

My brother and I arrived on time at 4 p.m. at the clinic with Chilly and Pepper. The wrinkly faces hadn’t eaten anything, and I took Uwe’s advice to have my vet Pablo administer a local anesthetic to the two. Pablo examined the eyes very carefully and told me that the lower and upper eyelids of both Chilly & Pepper would have to be tacked. I could see that the cornea of the right eyes of both puppies was inflamed by the rolled-in eyelids and eyelashes. The cornea was no longer clear, and had a light gray shimmer.

I naturally agreed with my friend Pablo’s suggestion to treat all four eyes. He disagreed with me about the local anesthetic. Instead he said that if these were his own dogs, he would prefer to give them a mild sedative so that he could operate properly. I had no problem with that, since I had known Pablo for a decade and respected him greatly. He told us to go drink a beer or two instead, and he would call us in about an hour-and-a-half to pick up Chilly & Pepper, and then we would be chipper.

My brother, who was vacationing with us, and I returned at exactly 6 p.m. to the clinic. Pablo’s associate, a very charming vet, told us that everything had gone very well. Pablo then handed me our two sweeties, who were again sprightly. They looked at all of us with big eyes, as if to say, “Thanks Pablo, you have really opened our eyes.”

We were given a prescription for the eye ointment called Pomada Oculus Eptilizante, containing the active ingredients retinol (DCI) palmitate10,000 IUs, methionine (DCI) 5 mg, and gentamicine sulfate 3 mg. Pablo also told me that one could feel Pepper’s testicles in the scrotum, which his nice and attractive associate had determined. Lucky Pepper!

We left after setting up a follow-up examination for September 12 in the clinic. I paid a flat fee of € 80 for tacking the four eyes, twice each at the top and bottom respectively.

Right after we got home, the two freshly tacked puppies drank a lot of water and ate lots of their dry food, as if nothing had happened since the last time. After their dinner, they tore around like hooligans, scuffled with each other, and simply acted silly. Chilly still screamed bloody murder whenever Pepper got her in his teeth. I think this is purely tactical, because as soon as he lets go, she is the one that starts the next attack. But she is fast.

At midnight, we applied the ointment in each eye, about as much as a rice grain. Pepper also got his six ear drops, and then they went off to bed.

Good night to you too, dear fans.

To be continued!

Yours Hanspeter