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Chilly & Pepper

Before I report further on our two Shar-Pei, both really sweet devils, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the forum for all their lovely wishes. If I have counted correctly, two puppies called Milli sent their greetings. Chilly & Pepper greet the Millis and their respective offspring: Thomas / Conny / Milli and the rest of the pack – Klaus / Milli (formerly Love Affair) – from Frankfurt.

Shall we move on?

We packed our two peritos under the arms, said our goodbyes, and headed home. Wait, just because it has become such a routine matter, I had almost forgotten to mention that we put both wrinkle faces on the ground in front of the clinic, where they did their business as if on command. We let the urine soak in, but obviously took the rest in a plastic bag we had brought along.

Chilly & Pepper seemed to love the car ride. Both sat calmly on Anita’s and Viona’s arms, and looked with interest through the windows. Not a sound was heard during the 20 minute ride. As I have already remarked, Chilly & Pepper are two magnificent Shar-Pei from Berlin-Biersdorf!

They were tired from all these new experiences of going to the vet, seeing strange people, being examined all over, undergoing uncomfortable stuff like opening the mouth or having an otoscope stuck in the ears, etc. We were barely home, and the two drank heartily, ate adequately, and then fell asleep immediately. One could sense that the two dreamt a lot, probably about their new experiences. Their feet moved this way, the head that way, and the tails another way! They must have been nice dreams.

After waking up, they eat, drink, and go out into the garden to do their business – almost automatically now. This is followed by about an hour of brawls and running around and biting playfully, after which the two seek out their plastic basket to sleep. Here they typically lie huddled up and outdo each other snoring. Yes, Pepper has also started snoring. As of this morning, this bed is on the enclosed patio, where it will remain through the night. This means that Chilly & Pepper will be spending the night alone, not in our bedroom.

Between 10 p.m. and midnight, the two imps were on the move as usual. We have noticed that their scuffles are getting more intense. Chilly tends to be the one that mostly takes the initiative to attack the fatty, mockingly and seriously, sinks its teeth into his coat, and tries to knock Pepper on to his back. Their favorite playmate is of course Viona. She lies on the floor at the same eye level as the pups, which are crazy about playing with her. They love running around her and jumping over her. It’s a pity that Viona, who has been a great help, will soon be returning to Bremen. If she hadn’t been here, this old fool would have had to lie on the floor and act as the buffer for the two.

The lights are turned off and the door is closed at midnight. Chilly and Pepper lay down in their plastic basket to sleep. At seven the next morning, I let Chow Lee and Chico into the garden. They were followed a bit later by the two puppies. It seems the two had slept right through, and were not up to any mischief at all. Really wonderful pups! This means they will no longer sleep in our bedroom.

Sadly, I have just realized that Chilly & Pepper’s rolled-in eyelids have led to eye inflammations.

To be continued!

Yours Hanspeter