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Chilly & Pepper

As soon as we landed at Ibiza Aero Puerto, we exited the flight and headed quickly for baggage claim, wanting to surprise my wife with this present. You see, she had no idea at all about Chilly! I had already organized all kinds of necessities like a place to sleep and drinking and eating bowls, etc. – but only for one puppy. Everyone that knew about this and was sworn to secrecy, but the surprise and possible scolding and ear-pulling were expected later.

Our bag had to be the last one that appeared on the belt after a half hour wait. Peter’s principle! Needless to say, Chilly and Pepper were models of behavior even during this delay, waiting patiently in their one bag. Apparently, their nature is great, and nothing seems to bother them.

My wife had been waiting to pick us up at the arrivals gate, where she critically eyed every passenger going by, in her search for us. She finally spotted us and the two puppies. In a voice filled with total surprise, she called out reservedly, “There are two of them,” adding “That is psychological cruelty.” However, this criticism only lasted a couple of minutes till we reached the car in the parking lot. That’s when she welcomed the two pups into her big heart. What else could one have expected anyway? The two cachorros were then allowed to roam free on the grass, where they did their small and big business and began to romp around the evergreen lawn.

The drive home took about 20 minutes. My wife carried Chilly on her lap, while Viona held Pepper. During the trip, we wondered how our two adult Shar-Pei, Chow Lee and Chico, would react to this confrontation with the new pups. Following the death of our Lee Wong, Chow Lee had assumed the leader’s role. As expected, Chow Lee immediately snarled and barked at the two puppies. As if on command, Chilly and Pepper took up the submissive posture on the floor. Chow Lee seemed satisfied and stopped growling and barking – a very normal reaction of our female to a confrontation with two new puppies.

Our Chico, however, reacted quite differently. He immediately ran to his favorite spot, the flat roof. He apparently seemed fearful that the two would take his place. He was also jealous. He only reappeared late that evening after I called him many times. He came to the front door and reluctantly entered the house. He avoided the cachorros, preferring to stay by my side. I tried to ignore him so as not to reinforce his fear. Unfortunately, even four days after the new arrivals, i.e. until today, Chico’s behavior has not changed a bit.

Once home, Chilly and Pepper took off on a discovery mission around the whole property. Each then gobbled down 100 grams of pedigree puppy chow and drank heartily. After that we carried and placed them in the flower beds, where they relieved themselves almost on command. At this point, things really started to get going. The two ran around our legs playfully, chased tails, and tussled and scuffled quite hard at times when one had caught up with the other.

For the night, we prepared a plastic basket and lined it with some padding and sheepskin. This was kept in our bedroom, next to my bed, since we were expecting a restless night. At midnight, we took the two peritos and laid them down in their bed. They both cuddled up immediately. I too dropped down on my bed and turned off the light right away. The two small creatures fell asleep at once.

It wasn’t a sleepless night at all, if you ignore Chilly’s beautiful lute-like snoring. The pups were up at seven. I took them straight to the flower bed outside with a ground cover. Chilly and Pepper immediately urinated and then did their big morning job too after running around a bit. The two seemed to have easily survived the first night in totally strange surroundings.

I am looking forward to telling you more about how the two rascals Chilly and Pepper settled in and how they were brought up.

The one picture below shows Chilly on a cushion sitting as if she were a princess on a throne. The other shows both Chilly and Pepper in front of their food bowl, as if to say, “Who’s going to be the tag now?”

To be continued!

Yours Hanspeter