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Chilly & Pepper

I flew from Ibiza to Berlin on August 28, 2005 for my appointment with Uwe and Andy to pick-up our two puppies, Chaitan’s Come Back Jack and Cool-Man’s Moulin Rouge. My daughter Viona also joined me from Bremen by train.

My first surprise awaited me upon my arrival at Tegel airport in Berlin – Mareen, Robert, Athos, and Viona were there to receive me, although we were supposed to meet with Uwe in the hotel. This was really a pleasant surprise!

We set off to meet Uwe and Andy. We were finally able to see our two puppies that were looking their best. Chaitan’s Come Back Jack just ran all over, showing us what a bundle of energy he was with real leadership qualities. We nicknamed him Pepper right away! We loved Cool-Man’s Moulin Rouge, and Viona fell head over heels in love with this really sweet lass. Our choice of Chilly as Moulin Rouge’s nickname fitted perfectly with her obvious charm and red coat. Uwe had helped us make the right choice!

Uwe and Andy were really charming and hospitable hosts. But it was hard to get a word in edgewise, as Uwe kept talking in a very entertaining and professional manner. After that Mareen, Robert, Athos, and we spent a few hours together in a small restaurant, having a light supper and talking shop while imbibing a few glasses of almost alcohol-free wine.

On our home stretch, we stopped by to see Uwe and Andy and take care of all the required paperwork like a sales contract, certificate of origin, pet IDs for the EU, and many good pieces of advice and toys. We then headed back to our hotel to prepare for the return flight the next morning. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening, and would like to thank Uwe, Andy, Mareen, and Robert for the wonderful time we had.

Our cab was waiting for us in front of the hotel entrance the next morning, at 8:30 a.m. on August 29, 2005. We drove to Uwe and Andy, packed our two little cachorros into the canine carriers we had brought along, and made a quick getaway! We got the distinct impression that the two breeders, Uwe and Andy, found it somewhat heart wrenching to part with their puppies. Especially Andy looked sad.

Both the pups behaved excellently during the ninety-minute trip in the cab to the airport. Who was on Viona’s lap? Chilly! At the airport, Pepper naturally decided to say his last goodbye to Berlin – he did his job in the bag very wisely lined with whitish Pampers. Then we had to clean up, wipe the dog, and leave the doggy poop behind in Berlin. Now we can also sing: “Wir haben noch eine Pampers in Berlin ...” (a satirical reference to a similar tune in German)!

Our flight was unfortunately delayed for about 40 minutes, but we passed the time by playing with Chilly and Pepper, to the joy of many other passengers. With great foresight, we had booked a third seat in a row on the port side. We put both our pups in a bag on this center seat. The flight attendant immediately said, “Sorry, but dogs are not allowed on a seat. They must be kept under the seat.” Well, we just showed our boarding passes and simply ignored her instructions.

Neither Chilly nor Pepper showed any signs of nervousness or fear at takeoff, during the entire flight, or on landing. They slept peacefully the whole time. This wonderful disposition of theirs is a good omen for the future.

Until next time...

Yours Hanspeter