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Chilly & Pepper

Hi friends, here we are again!

Several days are over since the last episode on Chilly & Pepper dated September 27, 2005. Thursday, September 29 marked the end of a month, or to be exact four weeks, since these two wrinkly faces joined us at this island of the sun. Chilly and Pepper have developed magnificently during this time, and we are overjoyed.

So far, we have not tried to train them to sit, heel, or walk on a leash. We believe that since the two puppies are barely three months old, they need to first become a real part of our family of canines & humans and to settle down into their proper places. For instance, they quickly learnt that Chow Lee is the undisputed chief. However, they still need to learn that Chico prefers to maintain his distance, and that their wild jumping calls have fun with them will normally be answered with a stern growl and bared teeth. They have also accepted me as the grand mufti, the boss of Chow Lee, and of all other wrinkle-faced dogs.

The daily routine is the same, up at seven full of joy, mutual hellos, and then out of the house. The first task is to relieve oneself, followed by walking back and forth till the big business is over.

Whenever we get back into the house from the morning jaunt outside, each puppy is rewarded with a cookie, a Markies. Pepper first hides his cookie in the basket under the blanket, and waits for Chilly to try and get it. This starts an absolutely crazy and frenzied game of attack and defense. Pepper also notices in which trouser pocket I keep the Markies. If I don’t watch out while sitting at the table, this little devil gets on his haunches next to me and literally steals a Markies. He is a clever boy!

Led by Chow Lee, the little thieves prowl our property during the day and have certainly learnt many things – for example that cacti have thorns, lizards are fun to see but fast, and that frogs can disappear with one leap into the pond. We tour the lot for the last time at midnight for the two to do their small and big business again. Then it’s off to bed until daybreak.

Since Monday, October 3 (Reunification Day in Germany) was not a holiday here, we went to see our vet Pablo. A dog and a cat were already in the waiting room with their owners. The dog welcomed us with a yelp. Chilly and Pepper were not ill-mannered and responded with yelps. They were friendly towards the cat too, eyeing her full of curiosity.

The vet examined the two wrinkly faces painstakingly, checking their eyes, ears, and general state of health. Everything was perfect. I don’t have to hold Pepper’s head firmly any more when the vet checks his ears, because he knows Pablo will not harm him. The two got their second vaccination and were weighed again – Chilly was 8.15 kg and Pepper logged in at 9.60 kg. Then we headed home in our car. The two delightful creatures and we love the ride, there being so much to see.

At home, we were surprised that the two dropped down into their basket and snoozed as if they were absolutely dog-tired. It seems the vaccine really wiped them out. They didn’t eat properly either this evening. However, the next day started like all others at seven. They scurried all over, happy as ever. For two days now, each has had a tiny chew bone, and Chilly seems to love it most. She sloshes it around for ages in her mouth, making one wonder, “Does she do anything other than chewing bones?”

Chilly is the more reserved of the two, observing strangers carefully from a distance. Friends are naturally greeted with glee. Our Pepper also keeps his distance from strangers, but he is not the least bit shy. He gets within 1˝ meters of strangers, barks at them, pretending to attack, but doesn’t retreat.

Pepper is as sly as they come. All I can say is that he is a devil. Now he has figured out how to get on to the sofa. Once up, he makes himself comfortable and watches everything from there. Nothing is safe from him anymore, neither carpets, towels, balls of wool, Anita’s sandals, nor flowers. As soon as he manages to get hold of a towel, he begins a tug-o-war with Chilly. Anita’s sandals are usually transported into the basket, and used as a test of their chewing abilities. Undoubtedly, that’s about how the sandals look now.

We wish all of Chilly and Pepper’s relatives and their owners a great weekend with lots of sunshine and fun.

Until next time!
Best regards,