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Chaitan's C Litter
Born on June 23, 2005

Father: Ch. Rebohms Cream Cracker
Mother: Arkani vom Dalberg, nicknamed Ricky

It is June 23, 2005. Ricky is ready to give birth. This female is the calm type that gives away very little of what’s up. She did start to sniff around a few days in advance, burrowing, checking, and searching for the ideal place to raise her pups. But the actual event happened almost in a flash. Just the minimal amount of panting and pushing, and the first pup was suddenly there.

Looking at her enormous body, I did count on a litter of seven, but things turned out differently. Her first contraction came at 4:00 p.m., and within a matter of six hours, she had delivered seven pups. This is quite a performance, especially for Ricky, who always seemed to take her time between each puppy. We knew that meant the end of peace for us, because we will now have to pitch in and help feed such a large litter. But that’s nothing new for me, though…

However, Ricky didn’t seem relaxed enough to me. All of a sudden, five hours later 3 a.m. came one more push and voila – she had delivered another puppy after the last one – a male, cream, 300 grams, Cerberus Csab

TimeSexColorWeight (grams)Name
4:12 p.m.MaleBlack325„Come back Jack“
6:10 p.m.FemaleCream290„Champagne Lady“
6:55 p.m.MaleCream325„Cannabis“
7:10 p.m.FemaleBlack340„Coco Lee“
7:35 p.m.FemaleBlack295„Caipirinha“
9:35 p.m.FemaleCream245„Cappuchina“
10:00 p.m.FemaleBlack330„Carol Ann“
03:00 a.m.MaleCream300„Cerberus Csab“

July 7, 2005
The pups are a fortnight old today. Each one has its eyes open. As always, the little ones were first. One never stops being amazed at nature’s tricks that give the tinier puppies a chance to survive. Being able to see early obviously has its advantages, since one relies not only on the nose to find the milk bar, one is also able to see it. Therefore, a smaller pup that attains this stage earlier has a decisive head start to pack in a bit of weight. The little ones also start walking much earlier than their larger and heavier siblings – a critical factor for development. This automatically helps offset major differences, with the result that in six weeks the smallest ones at times can become the largest of the litter.

Our „Come back Jack“ / "PEPPER"

July 14, 2005
Now three weeks old, the puppies have grown well, even if quite differently. Come Back Jack was the first one on his feet, followed by Cerberus Csab. Jack became the leader of the pack, being the first one to wake up and announce his presence and the last one to sleep. Cannabis is the smallest male with a captivating color that is almost snow white, whereas his brother has a rich golden yellow coat. The three fairer females are almost identical in size, varying only a bit in their coat colors.

Champagne Lady still looks white, Coco Lee is like thick cream, and Cappuchina’s color lies in between the two – naturally in honor of its name. Then we have the two hippos of the litter – Caipirinha and Carol Ann. Carol Ann is still a bit bigger than her sister, and is so heavy that she has a hard time standing on her puny legs. No wonder, considering she hangs around all day long at the milk bar. This could change dramatically, once the feeding starts. From that point onwards, the little ones catch up so fast that differences in weight tend to disappear.

They have begun to play little games and their voices get loud whenever they are hungry. However, Ricky often switches off, since she is not keen to sit with the puppies all day long. She only goes to them when her teats are almost bursting with milk.

August 3, 2005
I’ve finally found some time to catch up on writing in the diaries. The last two weeks in Berlin were not the best from the weather standpoint. We had sweltering heat and frequent thunderstorms at night, followed by a day of mugginess. Even the puppies found it tough to cope with.

Luckily, it has started to cool off, and the puppies and we can breathe freely. Other than that, the pups are doing great. Csab is still the fattest among the males, and Jack is the leader. Cannabis was sort of behind the rest for a long time, but has grown so much since that there is no difference anymore between him and the girls. Now he can stand up for himself and fight back when they try to use their build to knock him over.

The ladies are now almost equally big, but Carol Ann is still the star of the pack. Carol had trouble getting on her feet, but now it’s better. Her ligaments in the forelegs are still weak, though. We hope that they will strengthen with time, and have decided not to sell her until we are certain that everything is hunky-dory. She does need to go on a diet, to avoid getting fatter from her favorite pastime – eating. Deworming is next on the list, followed soon by vaccinations and chip insertion.

The last few days were almost filled with visitors keen to buy a puppy, and it was quite difficult to set aside adequate time for each person. As always, callers included individuals who first reserved a puppy and made an appointment to see it. Only sometime later upon calling them did I find out that they had already bought a puppy elsewhere. I don’t really have a problem with this, but wonder why they just couldn’t have called or sent an e-mail.

It is unfair to the puppies and to people who would have loved to have one, but didn’t get a chance because all have been promised to someone else. On the flip side, I admire people I called to offer a puppy left after someone didn’t keep their appointment, and realized that these individuals would be hopping on a plane the next day to fly over 1,000 km – just to see our puppy. Now that’s real interest!

Copyright: Uwe Lenk
Translated: Hanspeter