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The Character of the "Shar Pei"
The Chinese Shar-Pei, also know as Wrinkle dog, is both a gundog and a guard dog, and its origins can be traced to the Middle Kingdom. It is a very special dog, extremely intelligent and with a domineering personality that always looks for its equal. This dog has a calm and balanced temperament. The Shar-Pei is a loyal and frank friend, entirely devoted to loving, guarding and caring for its owner, and especially for children.
On the other hand, this dog wants to be loved and respected by its owner in the same way. This pedigree dog needs a roof over his head: a tidy home with a wellbalanced environment.

His absolute loyalty and boundless devotion, together with his loving affection for its hllman .family and his inborn reserved attitude in front of strangers make an extraordinary companion of him. With his strong and healthy constitution, combined with his well-balanced character, he is able to have almost any situation under control in a superb way, as an exceptionally well-disciplined family dog! And we say almost any Situation because the only thing he is afraid of is water, crowds and aggressive people.
He looks perfect! It is hard to compare my Shar-Pei's- with their excellent personality, their unique and impressive appearance, and their fascinating character- with the rest of my dogs, of different breeds. They all have played an important role in my live and have been by my side as friends.

"They are extraordinary!"