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"Lee Wong"



VDH91/065 0247

born at
20. Februar 1991

Date of Death
26. April 2005

A fulfilled life of
14 Years
2 Month and
6 Days


It always means, that the first impression is important often. It´s the same also in the case of friendship.
We two have already decided in the first minutes of our first meeting, that we will be friends - and so it was!

"Lee Wong", my best friend,
you have been my very-best friend in fact!
Still more really you have been my very-very-best friend,
but most really you will remain my very-very-very-best friend!!
My very-very-very-best friend was and is not anyone,
no, it is You, my "Lee Wong"!

Your charisma was that of a "Grande Caballero", you were a wonderful "Chinese Shar Pei",
a gentleman from top to toe, a passion, which is to be explained with difficulty.

Yes, my "Lee Wong" , you were and still are my very-very-very-best friend!

We knew everything from each other.
We could always rely on each other.
We could talk about anything.
We could be together like we were.
We respected each other.

Yes, "Lee Wong" , you were and still are my very-very-very-best friend,
you were a completely respectable, loving, attentive companion!
Without you I am missing something and the world is no more as nice and rich as with you. Without his very-very-very-best friend one is the most lonely man on earth. "Why should I not shed tears of sorrow and pain?"

In eternal friendship I thank you for the common period - we spent together- a period of 14 years, 2 month and 6 days,
which ended on april 26 in 2005. In the morning, at 08:45 o'clock you made yourself from the sleep on the way to go over the rainbow bridge.

Not every one of us has a dog at last ; but if he has a dog, he should beware that he becomes each
old as my very-very-very-best friend "Lee Wong"!

I think, now I have told you all what I wanted to say,

your very-very-very-best friend