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Each allergist knows the key word "house dust mites" and can report about the difficulty in breathing and other consequences of these parasites "mites". But house dust mites do not only cause large damage with humans. There are different types of these parasites, which make the life more difficult for us and our dogs as well as for other domestic animals.

The parasites are always to be killed first, before one can begin to treat the features of the skin of our dogs, like itching, skin excursions, eczema, hair loss and allergies against the existing parasites and their bites and/or stings.

Mites are ektoparasites, which cause heavy skin irritations depending on the strength of the infestation of our dogs. Mites rank like the ticks among the arachnids. Mites cause similarly as fleas violent itching at the infested subject (humans, dog, cat etc.)

The itching is accompanied very often by a production of dandruff. Usually the with the naked eye not recognizable parasites can be determined by the veterinary surgeon only by a microscopic investigation. From permanent scratching of the dogs very easily and quickly result skin infections, which often require an appropriate longlasting and thorough treatment

Most frequently the dog is afflicted by ear mites (Otodectes Cynotis). With ear mites the animal has thick black incrustations in the outside of the earcave. This infestation leads to the fact that the dog constantly vibrates violently with his head and scratches with the claws at his ears. There are ointments and drops, which can be brought into the earcave. A careful cleaning of the earcave should take place daily. The veterinary surgeon will order the treatment with mite-effective preparations after diagnosis.
Sarkoptes - mites cause the mange with dog, cat and humans. This illness is highgrade-infectious and is transferred also by the dog and/or the cat to humans. These scabies-mites are only 0.25 millimeters large and cause dreadful itching; it leads also to slimming of the animal. Infestation with these parasites cause pustuly skin appearences, which form - scratched-open by the animal because of itching - , strongly suppurating wounds. With the aforementioned symptoms a veterinary surgeon is immediately to be visited, who introduces the necessary mite-effective treatment after diagnosis.

The Demodex - mite causes the Demodicosis, which then causes an attenuation of the immune system. It spreads after infestation very fast and causes dandruff-formation, skin turning red and corny changes of the upper skin layer. If the veterinary surgeon should diagnose Demodicosis at a female-dog and her litter, then the female-dog must be taken away from the breed, since the defense weakness for Demodex can be left. The lengthy treatment takes place after medical diagnosis.

The "autumn grass mite" (Trombicula autumnalis) infect only as larvae not only dogs but also humans. They are orange colored and to be recognized with the naked eye. They settle between the toes, above the eyes, at and in the ears and in the groin. They cause strong itching accompanied with turning the skin red. Again the treatment takes place after medical diagnosis and therapy via mite-effective washing, sprays, ointments and other preparations.

Hanspeter Kobold
Ibiza, 2002