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Chilly & Pepper

In Pablo’s Clinica Veterinaria, there was none of the usual ritual of greetings, embracing, and triple kisses – on the right, left, and the right cheek again. Instead, we barely stepped inside when Pablo saw Chilly & Pepper and wrenched them away – a clear case of dog-napping!

Both the cachorros were welcomed with charming words, and held the limelight while Anita, Viona, and I stood like fools in the vet’s office. But then Pablo and his associate congratulated us. Both kissed each of us three times. It was great seeing how happy the vets were over our new offspring, in fact truly thrilled!

The cachorros had to undergo a thorough check-up. The two were first weighed: Pepper came in at 6.5 kg and Chilly at 5.35 kg. Pepper was the first patient on the 18-10 stainless steel table. I held him still while Pablo took his temperature, then palpated his whole body and joints, listened to his heart, lungs, examined the ears with an otoscope, and examined his eyes very carefully. Pepper took all this patiently, like a pro. This whole procedure took about 30 minutes, after which Viona held Pepper in her arms.

The findings: Pepper was in excellent health, except for a minor infection in the right ear. For this infection, Pablo gave us Carolan drops from Pfizer, with six drops to be administered every eight hours for a week. We were to return then for a follow-up examination.

After this, as I laid Chilly on the table, my wife expressly told Pablo to be very careful with her lady. We all burst out in laughter. Chilly was examined just as thoroughly as Pepper. Everything was negative. She is a bit more delicate than Pepper, but fit as a fiddle. She is not only a girl, but also 10 days younger than the fatty.

We plan on deworming the puppies over the next six weeks. This means that starting tomorrow, we will give each one 0.5 ml of liquid Trilombrin orally once every Wednesday. We will also monitor the eyes of our pups. In case they get a case of spastic entropion, we will have Pablo tack the affected eyelid. This stretching of the eyelid will keep the cornea free of infections. Pepper seems to be a candidate for this problem. Pablo has extensive experience in this field of eyelid tacking. Just the previous day, he operated on two Chow Chow puppies to tack their eyelids. Funny, is there a Chinese connection?

All the information on the dogs was entered in the computer system, we signed the pet IDs, and filled in our address in Ibiza. After this we had to fill out and sign another registration form for entering the chip codes into a central database of the Balearics in Palma de Majorca and in Madrid, where data for all of Spain is stored. The vets here take care of registering all chipped canines, as required by law.

We then headed home, happy that everything had gone so well with the first check-ups for our two wrinkly faced canines. This complete examination, the formalities, and the prescription were free – a service from Pablo for the first check-up.

To be continued!

Yours Hanspeter