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Chilly - Diary

Cool-Man's M Litter
Born on July 2, 2005
Father: Sindbad - Red Bonomiella, named Sindbad
Mother: Ch. Chaitan's Top of the Top, named Exe

I have finally been able to sit down and start the log of Exe’s litter. There isn’t much to say about the preparations for the birth. As ever, Exe started to turn our whole house topsy-turvy a day before and messed up all bedcovers. It was amazing how meticulously she seemed to be able to ruin our efforts to put things in order.

Things moved very rapidly for the birth. She pushed hard just once, and the first puppy had arrived!

Time SexColorWeight (grams)Name
2:20 p.mFemaleMahogany320„Moulin Rouge“
2:40 p.m.FemaleFawn360„Martini Sweet“
3:40 p.m.MaleFawn420„Master Max Blaster“
3:50 p.m.MaleFawn380„Master Tom“
4:00 p.m.FemaleBlack380„Midnight Sun“
4:20 p.m./td>FemaleReddish Fawn395„Mai Tai “
5:05 p.m.FemaleMahogany365„Million Dollar Baby“

As I mentioned, all seven puppies were born in quick succession within three hours.

The first photo taken about two hours after the delivery.

July 14th
The pups are 10 days old and the litter is very well-balanced, with pups weighing between 800 and 850 grams. All of them have their eyes open, except for Million Dollar Baby, whose tiny slits are already visible and they won’t be far behind. These pups seem vigorous compared to the other litter. But what else can one expect, with Sindbad as their father!

Our „Moulin Rouge“ / "CHILLY"

August 3rd
Time flies. Imagine, the little ones are already four weeks old. They eat well, but I’m sure they would have loved to keep their bottles as a back-up. They are basically the same size, with the two boys a bit larger than their sisters. Master Max Blaster and Master Tom are equally vivacious, but not nervous.

My favorite is Martini Sweet, whom I nicknamed Mouse. She runs up to me immediately when called, and is a beautiful female. Her sister Mai Tai is very similar in character, but has perhaps a touch longer coat that is a shade redder. The other three females are somewhat more agile, ready to join in and not miss any kind of excitement. One realizes that they are Sindbad’s offspring. In particular Million Dollar Baby and Moulin Rouge resemble him very much in appearance, while Midnight Sun stands out from the rest – as the only black pup.

For this litter too, the first potential buyers were already there, with many having waited for a long time to find their dream puppy. I am repeatedly astonished by the fact that there are buyers who wait at times for months, sometimes hanging in there for even years, just to get a puppy from us. A few of the puppies did not survive from the last fall litter, but each of the three parties interested in these pups kept their promise.

Such small things are what help alleviate some of the hard work and stress of the past few weeks. Let’s hope that things continue like this and that the owners can then welcome puppies into their new homes.

Copyright: Uwe Lenk
Translated: Hanspeter